IBM Call for Code (June 2018)

IBM is helping to lead a Global effort to build Open-Source global solutions for disaster preparedness. Everyone on the planet is eligible to participate.  Citizens, Architects, Designers, Business Analysts, Systems Administrators, as well as Programmers can all participate to help build a better world.  Projects and teams are being assembled across the world.  The most impactful project will be implemented with the help of IBM, The Linux Foundation, UN Human Rights, and the American Red Cross.

This is an opportunity to give back to the IT community as well as the world!  How can you help?  Designing and building a Blockchain solution to track donations from the source to the delivered help?  Mobile Applications to enhance solution integration?  The list is only bounded by our imagination and willingness to contribute.


Here is a website to start your journey:  IBM “Call for Code”.


Please consider how you can help.  My own personal opinion are that the biggest needs are in identifying the needs in Disaster Relief and in Solution Design, but all skills will ultimately be needed.

I hope to see you online!

Glen Brumbaugh

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