JavaScript – Language Basics

Chesapeake Node.js User Group.  August 2018.  Powerpoint presentation.
JavaScript – Language Basics“  (43 slides).

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This presentation is the first in a series covering the JavaScript programming language.  This presentation covers the language basics:

  • Syntax
  • Data Types
  • Variables, JSON & Arrays
  • Operators
  • Conditional Expressions
  • Looping Expressions
  • Functions

This presentation should provide all of the information necessary to begin developing programs using JavaScript.

Node.js #01 – JavaScript History

IT Whitepapers  –  Node.js #1 – JavaScript History

This is the first installment in the “Node.js” series of presentations.  This paper provides a brief overview of the JavaScript programming language, which is used in the Node.js runtime. In addition to the language overview, a brief history of the language development as well as a summary of significant language frameworks is also provided.