-Golden Gate University Seal-
Golden Gate University
Professorial Lecturer
Awarded to: Glen W. Brumbaugh
Awarded: November 20, 1987

Professional Certifications

-IBM Champion Logo-Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals
Certificate in Data Processing (CDP)
Issued to: Glen Brumbaugh
Issue Date: May 1984
Certificate #: 840260

-IBM Champion Logo-Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals
Certificate in Computer Programming (CCP):
Business Specialization
Issued to: Glen Brumbaugh
Issue Date: December 1983
Certificate #: 831-075832

IBM Designations

-IBM Champion Logo-

-IBM Certified - Cloud-

-IBM Certified - WebSphere-

-IBM 1,000,000th Issued Badge-

-IBM Champion - Cloud (2018)-

IBM Technology Certifications

-IBM Certified MQ v9 Administrator-

-IBM Certified MQ Solution Designer v8-

-IBM WebSphere Commerce - Advanced Developer Badge-

-Coursera - Microservices Specialization-


-IBM API Management Concepts Badge-

-IBM API Management Workflow Badge-

-IBM App Connect Professional - Practitioner-

-IBM Business Process Manager - Introduction-

-IBM Business Process Manager - Advanced Developer-

-IBM Operational Decision Manager - Developer-

-IBM Operational Decision Manager - Advanced-

-IBM WebSphere Commerce - Foundations Badge-

-IBM WebSphere Commerce - Developer Badge-

Cloud Technology

-IBM Bluemix Essentials Badge-
-IBM Docker Essentials Badge-
-IBM Kubernetes Badge-

-IBM Istio Badge-

-IBM WebSphere Liberty - Administrator-

-IBM Microservices Essentials Badge-

-IBM Partner Cloud Success Badge-

-IBM Cloud Private Foundation Badge-

-IBM Cloud Private Installation Badge-

-IBM Cloud Private Architecture Badge-

-Coursera - Deploying Microservices in ICP Badge-

-IBM Cloud Private CI/CD Badge-

Cloud Operations

-IBM CSMO Foundations Badge-

-IBM CSMO Advanced Badge-


-IBM Cloudant Local Essentials-

-IBM Cloudant Indexes & Queries-

-IBM Cloudant Local-

-IBM Cloudant Developer Essentials-

-IBM Cloudant Managed-

-IBM Hadoop - Foundation II-

-IBM Hadoop - Programming II-

-IBM Hadoop - Administration I-

-IBM Hadoop - Data Access I-


-IBM Cloud Developer - Watson Fundamentals-

-IBM Watson Deep Learning Badge-

-IBM Watson Assistant (Conversation)-

-IBM Watson - Chatbots with Emotional Intelligence-

-Cognitive Class - AI - Build Your Own ChatBot-

-IBM Watson Customer Experience Foundations Badge-

-IBM Watson Customer Experience Intermediate Badge-

Cloud Architecture & Design

-IBM Garage Method Explorer Badge-

-IBM Garage Method Advocate Badge-

-IBM Cloud Architect Bootcamp-

-IBM Principles of Reactive Architecture-

Cloud Development

-IBM Cloud Developer Badge-

-Coursera - Microservices Fundamentals Badge-

-Coursera - Microservices Fundamentals Badge-

-Coursera - Microservices & Kubernetes Badge-

-IBM Node-RED Basics Badge-

-IBM Node-RED & Watson Badge-

-IBM Streams - Getting Started Badge-

-IBM Cloud Developer - Robotic Process Automation-

JavaScript, Node.js, LoopBack, Node-RED

-IBM Node.js - Community Member Badge-

-IBM Node.js - Community Leader - I-

Big Data & Analytics

-IBM Big Data - Foundations 2 Badge-

-IBM Big SQL - Analyze Data Badge-

-IBM Data Science - Foundations 2 Badge-

-IBM Data Science - Business 2 Badge-

-IBM SPSS - Statistics 1 Badge-

-IBM Watson - Analytics Badge-

-IBM Spark - Foundations 1 Badge-


-IBM Blockchain Essentials Badge-

-IBM Blockchain Developer Badge-

-IBM Blockchain SCALE Badge-

-IBM Bitcoin 101-