Cloud #06 – Docker

Docker Ecosystem

DockerAs a technology, Docker focuses on the creation and execution of Containers.  Docker is designed to be surrounded by other supporting technologies in order to provide a complete solution.  Kubernetes or Docker Swarm, for example, can be used to manage and scale Docker Containers.  Helm can be used to help manage Kubernetes.  Calico can be used to provided underlying network capabilities.  Istio can be used to provide Service Discovery and advanced networking capabilities.  This paper focuses on the Docker technology itself.  Kubernetes, Helm, and Istio will be covered in subsequent papers.

Calico         Kubernetes         Helm         Istio

Docker Architecture 
Three components:
Docker daemon
Docker Registries (Hub)
Docker Client (Command Line Interface)

Docker daemon (dockerd)

The Docker daemon uses an “Execution driver” to create and manager Containers.  By default, this driver is the Docker runc driver.  There is also support for the Linux LXC driver.

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Note: This Whitepaper was first published by this author in the IBM Middleware User Community (May 2018).