Event – Winning with AI

IBM is putting on a really interesting Event next month (September 2018).  It’s called Winning with AI.  The Event is really a one day mini-conference about what’s happening in AI.  In think that there are two aspects of this conference that are particularly interesting.  First of all, there are both IBM product leader presentations, as you would expect, as well as a number of IBM customer presentations.  In fact,  the Customer presentations about real-world efforts out number the IBM presentations about IBM product strategy and direction.

The second interesting aspect of this mini-conference is that it can be both attended live as well as virtually.  Yes, that’s right!  The conference will be streamed online.  If you can make it to New York City, you really should consider attending (if there is still room available).  If not, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the available conference streaming.  Either way, this is an opportunity to see what is happening in this space.

Here is the Conference information for those who are interested:

As those of you who have been following me know, I’ve been writing and speaking for some time regarding the impacts of both Cloud and AI as well as the convergence of a number of separate trends in computing.  This conference neatly illustrates some of those trends and how real world organizations are already leveraging these emerging capabilities.

The opportunities for leveraging AI and Analytics within existing Operational Systems are enormous. One of the hurdles to exploiting these possibilities is that this is a new frontier.  These are formerly distinct disciplines.  We are all simultaneously reinventing the wheel.  That’s why a conference like this makes a lot of sense to me.  It’s an opportunity to leverage the patterns that other organizations have already discovered.  To apply their “Lessons Learned” to our own initiatives.  In short, to paraphrase a great American TV show: “to boldly go where someone has gone before!“.

My hope is that this conference is an opportunity for seeing what has already been done, for learning lessons from the first group of pioneers, for planning to replicate those initial successes, for planning to avoid or mitigate the discovered challenges, and for both inspiring new takes on successful patterns as well as inspiring brand new solutions.  Quite a tall order, but I think that this type of conference has the potential to be very influential.  With a large potential upside and a relatively small cost footprint, I think that this conference is worthy of your consideration.