IBM Integration Bus – BAR File Management

TechDoc.  IBM Integration Bus.  BAR File Management.
February 2015. 23 pages.
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This TechDoc describes the creation, deployment, and management of Broker Archive (BAR) files.  The complete life-cycle of a BAR file is described and, in the absence of Source Code Management (SCM) software, a deployment and management process is proposed.  All of the commands necessary to manage BAR files are covered in detail.  These commands are:

  • mqsicreatebar    (Create a BAR file)
  • mqsiapplybaroverride    (Modify the properties of a BAR file)
  • mqsideploy    (Deploy are BAR file to an Integration Server)
  • mqsireadbar    (Display the properties of a BAR file)

This document should provide all of the information necessary to understand, build, deploy and manage Broker Archive (BAR) files.  In addition, enough command detail is provided to allow an IIB administrator to be able to automate this process through scripting.