Node.js – Video: Getting Started

I want to announce the posting of a video of the Chesapeake Node.js User Group meeting (August 2018) presentation “Node.js – Getting Started“.  The video is 20 minutes long.  The link below will open the video on YouTube (WordPress wants yet another account upgrade in order to post videos).  A link to the PowerPoint presentation may also be found on the Conference Presentations page.

Link to YouTube video

Node.js – Getting Started

Chesapeake Node.js User Group.  August 2018.  Powerpoint presentation.
Node.js – Getting Started“  (26 slides).

View the Presentation

The presentation  provides an introduction to the Node.js; the JavaScript Server side run-time. The presentation gives an overview of Node.js and then provides both installation instructions and Command Line Interface (CLI) usage details.  Node.js features covered include:

  • Node.js invocation & features
  • Script Execution
  • Script Debugging
  • Script Code Analysis (“Linting”)

By the end of the presentation, the viewer should have a good idea of the multiple concepts contained in the word “Cloud” and be able to infer which of those concepts is being referred to when the word is used.

Node.js #01 – JavaScript History

IT Whitepapers  –  Node.js #1 – JavaScript History

This is the first installment in the “Node.js” series of presentations.  This paper provides a brief overview of the JavaScript programming language, which is used in the Node.js runtime. In addition to the language overview, a brief history of the language development as well as a summary of significant language frameworks is also provided.