MQ – Using Containers

MQ Technical Conference.  September 2018.  Powerpoint.
MQ, IIB, Docker, Kubernetes, & the IBM Cloud“  (40 slides).

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This Conference presentation provides an overview of the impact of deploying IBM MQ and IBM Integration Bus into the Cloud using Containers.  The presentation first provides an overview of the IBM Cloud software stack relevant to Containers: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, and Istio.  The presentation then goes on to describe the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model and its seven layers.  The impact of the OSI model upon containerization is then discussed in terms of Application developers, MQ administrators, and Network engineers.  Finally, the challenges inherent in deploying a MQ network, as opposed to a stand-alone Queue Manager, into one or more Containers are reviewed.

By the end of the presentation, the viewer should have a basic understanding of the Cloud software stack and the purpose and use of Containers.  The viewer should also have an awareness of the OSI software stack model and the implications of placing non-Application layer components into a Container.