MQ – Performance Benchmarking

MQ Technical Conference.  September 2017.  Powerpoint.
MQ Performance Benchmarking“  (69 slides).

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This Conference presentation first reviews the methodology for benchmarking the performance of a MQ infrastructure.  The presentation then covers, in depth, the tools available for performing that benchmark.  The tools covered include:

  • “q” program (formerly SupportPac MA01 by Paul Clarke)
  •  xmqqstat (SupportPac MH04)
  •  PerfHarness (IBM Lab developed tool)
  •  PerfRating (IBM Lab developed tool)
  •  amqsrua program
  •  amqsmon program
  • “top” command (UNIX)
  •  PerfMon (Windows)

By the end of the presentation, the viewer should have a basic understanding of the tools available, and their capabilities, to develop MQ infrastructure benchmark data.

MQ – Performance Tuning

MQ Technical Conference.  September 2015.  Powerpoint presentation.
IBM MQ – Performance Tuning“  (44 slides).

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This presentation first provides a high-level overview of asynchronous messaging concepts.  The presentation then dives into the internal details of how MQ processes messages: from the “putting” of the message, through logging, file I/O, channel transmission, and finally to the “getting” of the message.  A seventeen step model of this process is presented.

The process of identifying the MQ bottlenecks during MQ processing, as well as some options for addressing those bottlenecks, are presented.  The difficulty of obtaining accurate measurement data is discussed, as is the need to benchmark the MQ infrastructure separately from the Application.  The two sets of data are both essential to any performance discussion.  Finally, some of the available and relevant tools are discussed.

By the end of the presentation, the viewer should have a basic understanding of the internal MQ processes that control performance, some of the Application design patterns to address performance, a conceptual model and strategy for measuring performance, and some initial tools with which to perform the analysis.

MQ – Performance Analysis

MQ Technical Conference.  September 2014.  Powerpoint presentation.
IBM MQ – Performance Analysis“  (47 slides).

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This is the first of a series of MQ Performance presentations.  These presentations provide an overview of Performance and Capacity testing for both the MQ infrastructure and for MQ Applications.  This initial presentation covers the following points:

  • The “What” and “Why” of Performance Analysis
  • The required MQ foundational knowledge
  • The creation of a Process Model that will drive the analysis
  • Some of the available tools to conduct the analysis

By the end of the presentation, the viewer should have an understanding of how, and more importantly, what can be measured in terms of MQ performance and how those measurements can begin to be applied to real world Application performance questions.


IBM Integration Bus – Load Balancing

TechDoc.  IBM Integration Bus.  Load Balancing.
January 2016. 24 pages.
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This TechDoc describes HTTP/HTTPS traffic Load Balancing in regards to IIB Message Flows.  The capabilities of network level hardware are discussed and specific configuration documentation is provided for the following products:

  • A10 Networks AX series Load Balancers

This document should provide all of the information necessary to understand networking capabilities and concepts, their impacts upon both High Availability (HA) and Message Flow Load Balancing, and an overview of the configuration steps required for configuring the Load Balancer itself.  Finally, specific instructions are provided for configuring an A10 AX series Load Balancer.